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Winterhalter Imprint Information pursuant to § 5 TMG: Winterhalter Gastronom GmbH Winterhalterstrasse 2–12 88074 Meckenbeuren Represented by: Jürgen Winterhalter, Lindau/Bodensee Ralph...  
Date: 24-05-18
URL: /imprint/

Chemicals - highly effective ingredients for cleanliness and hygiene.

Perfect cleaning results.Maximum hygiene As a specialist provider of warewashing products and systems, Winterhalter produces high quality detergents and hygiene products. Consistent and brilliant...  
Date: 18-05-18
URL: /chemicals/

Disinfection - perfect hygiene in the washing room.

Perfect HygieneDisinfection for the kitchen. Winterhalter disinfectants guarantee perfect hygiene in the wash area and kitchen. Bacteria and germs are reliably removed from surfaces and floors...  

Cleaning Products - perfect cleanliness in your kitchen.

Perfect Hygiene, for a cleaner kitchen. Winterhalter recommends the use of proper kitchen hygiene products for the wash-up area of the dishwasher and for the general kitchen. The range covers hand...  

All-purpose rinse aids

All-round rinse aidFor a perfect finish. Winterhalter all-purpose rinse aids provide you with sparkling cleaning results regardles of dish types.  

All-purpose detergent - the all-rounder for perfect cleaning results

Strong all-round detergent. For gleaming dishes. All-purpose detergents provide a hygienic and squeaky clean wash for dishes. Capable of coping with heavily soiled dishes and are particularly...  

Bistro detergent - brilliant glasses and perfectly clean dishes.

Perfect cleanliness.For mixed glasses and dishes. Winterhalter bistro detergents are effective and hygienic enough to make glasses shine and mild enough to clean dishes without leaving residues. ...  
Date: 09-05-18
URL: /chemicals/detergents/bistro/

General Kitchen Hygiene - Cleanliness and Hygiene and care in the wash area

Cleanliness, hygiene and care.For the general kitchen. Winterhalter kitchen hygiene products ensure perfect cleanliness in your general kitchen area. Winterhalter provides a complete range of...  
Date: 09-05-18
URL: /chemicals/kitchen-hygiene/

Additional products - Fixed for special requirements

Extra Strength For Tough Jobs Winterhalter also provide additional chemicals to help with particulalry tough tasks or special cleaning processes. We can provide de-tanning products to remove...  
Date: 09-05-18
URL: /chemicals/additional-products/

Rinse Aids - perfect finish for sparkling cleaning results

Clear Finish.Brilliant Cleaning Results Winterhalter rinse aids ensure a clear finish for an overall perfect wash result. They ensure outstanding dish coverage and deliver very good run-off and...  
Date: 09-05-18
URL: /chemicals/rinse-aids/
Search results 1 until 10 of 79
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