New reverse osmosis AT Excellence.
No more Polishing. Brilliant washing results guaranteed.

Winterhalter customers can always rely on brilliant washing results without the need for polishing: the new AT Excellence Series includes two external reverse osmosis devices, the AT Excellence-S and the AT Excellence-M, as well as a fully-integrated solution within the under counter warewasher, the UC Excellence-i. This makes washing with reverse osmosis water possible in the narrowest of counter areas, thereby saving space.

When it comes to achieving consistently excellent washing results, the quality of the water plays a key role. Limescale deposits, streaks and marks on dishes can be effectively prevented by professional water treatment. The AT Excellence Series reverse osmosis devices, remove almost 100 % of water impurities. This high degree of water purity makes it possible to achieve perfect wash results. “With the new generation of devices, we can safely guarantee washing results of a consistently high standard without the need for polishing. This saves both time and money,” clarifies Arndt Manter, Senior Product Manager for Water treatment units at Winterhalter.

More information about AT Excellence (external devices)

More information about UC Excellence-i (integrated devices)