Warewashing Specialist

International success.
Outstanding warewashing technologies.


Winterhalter is the specialist in commercial warewashing systems. Perfect cleaning results are guaranteed from dishwashers, cleaning products, water treatment devices and racks. Winterhalter products are characterised by their innovation, efficiency, ease of use and the results delivered to professional kitchens for decades.

All over the world, the complete spectrum of food service and catering facilities have come to rely on the Winterhalter name and its warewashing products.

Winterhalter was founded in 1947 by Karl Winterhalter in Friedrichshafen, Southern Germany. Today, Jürgen and Ralph Winterhalter, the son and grandson of the founder, run the family company. With over 1500 employees worldwide, the owner-operated company is one of the global players in the commercial kitchen industry.

The company headquarters is located in Meckenbeuren, Germany, near Lake Constance. Additional plants have been opened in Endingen (Germany) and in Rüthi (Switzerland). Winterhalter has worldwide representation in more than 70 subsidiaries or partners.

"Success is always a team effort" is the comapny motto coined by founder Karl Winterhalter. This maxim is also reflected in our guiding principle today and is actively followed by our partners and employees alike.

Managing Directors

Owners and managing directors:
Jürgen and Ralph Winterhalter

Director of commercial department:
Dr. Viktor Faller

Director of marketing and sales:
Peter Huber

Director of research and development:
Bernhard Graeff