Pass-Through Dishwasher
PT-M EnergyPlus



    Depending on the intended use, you can chose between four special types of software when buying a PT-M, PT-L or PT-XL.

    • Dishwasher
    • Bistro dishwasher
    • Glasswasher
    • Cutlery washer


    The thermostop guarantees that the rinse only starts when the boiler temperature has reached the defined set value.

    • Maximum hygiene

    Hygiene design

    A well thought-out concept for perfect hygiene and low cleaning costs.

    • Smooth, seamless interior space
    • Deep-drawn hygienic tank
    • Hygienic heating element
    • No nooks and crannies for dirt and deposits
    • Self-cleaning programme

    Hood handles

    Thanks to the ergonomically shaped hood handles, the hood is easy to open and close.

    • Ergonomic and safe operation

    Self-cleaning programme

    The self-cleaning programme starts by pressing the button on the Display

    • Hygienic cleaning of the inside of the machine at the end of a day's operation
    • Thanks to the drain pump there is no residual water in the machine
    • Prevents deposits and odours

    Full-flow filtration

    100 % of the wash water runs through a finely meshed filter cylinder.

    • Continually clean wash water
    • Optimal cleaning results
    • Reduced water and energy consumption

    Temperature display

    The machine tank and boiler temperature can be accessed via the touchscreen.

    • Constant temperature monitoring
    • Absolute hygiene safety


    The touchscreen is the intuitive operating unit of the PT Series.

    • Self-explanatory, language-neutral operation
    • Colour-coded single-button operation with wash progress display
    • Error display for rapid error elimination
    • Access to the hygiene and operating logbook


    The VarioPower washing pressure adjustment adapts the washing pressure to the items being washed and to the degree of soiling.

    • Optimal cleaning results
    • Protects dishes

    Active energy management

    The active energy management optimally distributes the available energy and ensures an efficient cleaning process.

    • Quickly ready to use thanks to reduced heat-up time
    • Shorter washing cycles
    • Back-to-back rack washing possible at peak times

    Integrated rinse aid dosing device

    The standard integrated rinse aid dosing device enables an efficient cleaning process.

    • Optimal dosing for perfect cleaning results
    • Economical use of rinse aid

    Elliptical wash fields

    The elliptical wash fields provide optimal surface coverage in the entire machine thanks to its jet geometry.

    • Brilliant cleaning results
    • Maximum hygiene


    EnergyPlus models are equipped with a large waste water and exhaust air heat exchanger which takes the energy contained in the waste water and steam to heat the cold inlet water.

    • Reduced operating costs
    • Improved kitchen climate
    • Low total connected load


    Note: The temperature of the inlet water must be under 20 °C for efficient heat recovery. When the EnergyPlus option is selected, the standard integrated EnergyLight waste water heat exchanger is replaced by a larger waste water heat exchanger.

  • EnergyPlus
  • Software
  • VarioPower
  • Full-flow filtration
  • Touchscreen
  • Active energy management
  • Elliptical wash fields
  • Hygiene design
  • Temperature display
  • Thermostop
  • Self-cleaning programme
  • Hood handles
  • Integrated rinse aid dosing device

    Integrated detergent dosing device

    The integrated detergent dosing device supplements the standard integrated rinse aid dosing device.

    • Optimal dosing for perfect cleaning results
    • Economical use of detergent

    Integrated softener

    An integrated softener saves space and provides softened water for improved wash results.

    • Good cleaning results
    • No additional space needed
    • Yield 1,460 litres (1.5 kg salt, at 10 °TH*)


    *TH = total hardness

    Corner installation

    Depending on your space, pass-through dishwashers can also be set up as corner installation to save space.

    • Optimal use of space

    Increased boiler heating

    The increased boiler heating provides additional heating in the boiler.

    • Rapid heat up time even with cold inlet water
    • Back-to-back rack washing possible at peak times


    The TwinSet variant doubles your washing capacity by connecting two pass-through dishwashers.

    • Maximum capacity at peak times to deal with large amounts of dishes
    • Optimized operating costs through individual operation with fewer dishes
    • Dishes can be washed separately by type

    Automatic hood opening

    After the wash cycle is finished, the hood opens automatically.

    • Rapid dish drying
    • Less work for the kitchen staff

    Driven rinse system

    The magnetically driven rinse system requires no additional water to drive the wash field.

    • 17% lower rinse water consumption
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Brilliant cleaning results
  • Driven rinse system
  • Automatic hood opening
  • Corner installation
  • TwinSet
  • Integrated softener
  • Increased boiler heating
  • Integrated detergent dosing device

PT-M EnergyPlus pass-through dishwasher.
Maximum efficiency, optimal kitchen climate.

The PT-M EnergyPlus pass-through dishwasher is equipped with a large waste water heat exchanger and an additional exhaust air heat exchanger. This combination ensures maximum efficiency and optimal climate in the kitchen.

While the exhaust air heat exchanger converts the warm water vapour into energy, the waste water heat exchanger uses the temperature of the waste water to heat the cold inlet water.

The Energy Plus heat recovery permanently reduces your operating costs, improves the kitchen climate and also reduces the power consumption of the machine.

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