Under counter dishwasher

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U50 Under counter diswasher.
High Performance. German Technology.

The Winterhalter U50 undercounter dishwasher is built to meet the highest German quality standards and designed with simplicity and practicality in mind, for the needs of professionals in search of affordable and effective warewashing solutions. Users can trust its level of efficiency, reliability and cleaning performance. Backed by a comprehensive network of Winterhalter offices and partners in Asia, timely delivery, specialized service and parts availability are guaranteed. The U50 is optionally available with an integrated softener.

Excellent results and perfect hygiene

  • Elliptical wash fields with integrated washing and rinsing nozzles
  • Two wash fields ensure uniform coverage and dishwashing power from every angle
  • Deep drawn tank
  • Hygiene tank heater maintains constant tank temperature
  • Strainer filters coarse dirt out of the wash water
  • Smaller particles of dirt are held by the cylinder‘s fine filter
  • Integrated water softener as an option
  • Soft start: optimal protection of the wash items due to slow pressure build-up of circulating pump
  • Thermostop: reliable drying of wash items and optimal hygiene

    Economical to run

    • Full coverage filtration system
    • Less water changes due to cleaner wash water
    • Low capacity wash tank for quicker start-up and lower bills
    • Double walled door with solid cons
    • A well balanced system delivers the lowest rinse water consumption

    Easy to use

    • One button operation (display is colour coded)
    • Integrated temperature display for tank and boiler
    • Self-cleaning cycle
    • Self-explanatory buttons for easy operation

    Easy to service

    • Integrated error management
    • Easy access to all relevant parts
    • Reduced down-time

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