Cutlery Washers
for the UC Series



    One standard program for sparkling, polish-free results when washing cutlery.

    • Special program to wash cutlery.
    • Freely configurable individual programs for special requirements.

    Machine sizes

    Four machine sizes, S, M, L, and XL are available - depending on your available space, capacity and dishes.

    • UC-S (H: 760 mm, B: 460 mm, T: 603 mm) High Energy Version: 845 mm
    • UC-M (H: 760 mm, B: 600 mm, T: 603 mm) High Energy Version: 845 mm
    • UC-L (H: 855 mm, B: 600 mm, T: 603 mm) High Energy Version: 940 mm
    • UC-XL (H: 855 mm, B: 600 mm, T: 637 mm) High Energy Version: 940 mm
      Particularly suited for washing baking trays and trays.

    Integrated detergent / rinse aid container

    Integrated detergent and rinse aid containers save space and are easy to access.

    • Easy to refill
    • No additional space required for containers


    The touchscreen is the operating, communication and control platform for kitchen staff, chefs, managers and service technicians.

    • Intuitive, language-neutral operation: Program selection is made by simply tapping the relevant dish icon
    • Visual and acoustic signals inform the user about washing progress and the status of the machine
    • Easy to understand error signals allow self-diagnosis and correction
    • PIN protected levels for kitchen managers and service technicians


    VarioPower – variable water pressure adjustment

    • Water pressure can be adjusted according to the dish type or degree of soiling: gentler pressure for fragile dishes and more agressive pressure for robust dishes with heavy soiling
    • All other wash elements (temperature, dosing, wash cycle) automatically adjust
    • Perfect wash results for the types of dishes you are washing

    Wash water filtration

    An efficient quadruple filtration system ensures the continual use of clean water.

    • Level 1: Strainer collects large waste particles
    • Level 2: Filter cylinder collects small waste particles
    • Level 3: Mediamat for very fine particles like coffee grounds
    • Level 4: Pump inlet filter ensures any other particles are removed

    Wash field

    Two elliptical wash fields ensure an optimal wash performance and complete surface coverage.

    • Upper and lower elliptical wash fields to deliver optimal wash results
    • Specially designed jets provide maximum surface coverage
    • Every part of every wash item can be reached by the wash and rinse jets
    • Integrated wash jets means that nozzles are no longer lost

    Special programmes

    Innovative special programs cover additional requirements.

    • ECO program delivers an even more economical operation
    • Silent program for quieter operation in intimate settings
    • Intensive program for exceptional soiling levels
    • Descaling programme
    • Self-cleaning programme
    • Special program that can deliver a unique wash for your individual requirments

    Clouding sensor

    A clouding sensor supports the base filtration system in keeping the wash water pure.

    • The sensor continually monitors the sediment levels of the tank water
    • The tank water automatically regenerates when sediment levels are too high
  • Machine sizes
  • Touchscreen
  • VarioPower
  • Wash water filtration
  • Wash field
  • Special programmes
  • Clouding sensor
  • Software
  • Integrated detergent / rinse aid container

    Appropriate dividers

    When purchasing an under counter cutlery washer, you can choose between a standard and an alternative rack package.

    Standard rack package size S.

    • Plastic and plastic coated wire rack
    • Rack for cutlery holders with 6 cutlery holders

    When purchasing an under counter cutlery dishwasher, receive a standard rack configuration for washing cutlery.

    Standard rack package size M/L/XL.

    • Plastic and plastic coated wire rack
    • Rack for cutlery holders with 9 cutlery holders


    The Energy option uses the patented exhaust heat recovery system to exctract the energy contained in the waste steam to heat the incoming cold water.

    • Saves valuable energy and reduces operating costs
    • Very little steam escapes when the door is opened
    • Significantly improved room climate

    Integrated reverse osmosis

    The integrated reverse osmosis device Excellence-i makes it easy to run under counter warewashers with osmosis water even in narrow counter areas. The space requirement is limited to the dimensions of the warewasher. The perfect combination of under counter warewasher and built-in reverse osmosis delivers brilliant wash results everytime - without the need of polishing.
    More information

  • Energy
  • Integrated reverse osmosis
  • Appropriate dividers

    Plinths and stands

    A variety of plinths and stands are available to compliment the operation of your under counter machine.

    • Easier loading and unloading
    • Space saving storage of racks

    Drip trays

    Racks that have just been removed from a machine should be placed on a drip tray to catch residual water.

    • Space-saving storage of wash racks.
    • Residual water is caught.
  • Plinths and stands
  • Drip trays
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UC Series cutlery washers.
Sparkling cleaning results without polishing.

Cutlery washers for the UC Series make manual polishing obsolete.

In a system with fully demineralised water and special cutlery racks, the cutlery washer provides perfect cleaning and drying results.

Unhygienic manual or mechanical polishing is obsolete, saving you time and money.

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