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Cutlery washers for the UC series - sparkling wash results without additional polishing.

Links Video UC Series UC Series cutlery washers.Sparkling cleaning results without polishing. Cutlery washers for the UC Series make manual polishing obsolete. In a system with fully...  

Bistro Dishwashers for the UC series - sparkling wash results for varied items.

Links Video UC Series UC Series Bistro Dishwashers. Perfect for a variety of wash items. Bistro dishwashers for the UC Series wash cutlery, dishes and glasses in one cycle and deliver hygienic and...  

Dishwashers for the UC Series - perfect wash results even for stubborn residues.

Links Video UC Series UC Series dishwashers. High performance and perfection. Dishwashers for the UC Series achieve perfect cleaning results even with varied types of wash items and soiling. Three...  

Glasswashers for the UC Series - sparkling cleaning results without additional polishing.

UC Series Glasswashers. Reinventing glasswashing. Glasswashers for the UC Series can perfectly adapt between regular washing and any special washing on-site requirements. Thanks to the variable...  

Under counter dishwashers of the UC Series - economical with perfect cleaning results.

UC Series under counter warewashers.Leaves nothing to be desired. The UC Series of under counter warewashers are available as glass, dish, bistro or cutlery washers in sizes S, M, L and XL. Three...  
Date: 11-07-18
URL: /machines/under-counter/

Winterhalter - Specialist for commercial warewashing systems. Warewashers, washing chemicals, water treatment, racks and accessories.

The new U50 High Performance. German Technology. UC Excellence-i No more polishing. Brilliance inside. AT Excellence Perfect water. No polishing. Brilliant glasses. The new utensil...  
Date: 11-07-18
URL: /

Detergents - sparkling wash results and perfect hygiene

Sparkling cleaning results.Perfect hygiene. With a wide range detergents which have been developed for all types of washing conditions, Winterhalter can provide detergents that complement any of its...  
Date: 09-07-18
URL: /chemicals/detergents/

MTF multi-tank flight-type dishwashers - high performance wash system for perfect hygiene in commercial kitchens.

Links MT-Scout Video MT Series MTF multi-tank flight-type dishwasher.Large scale efficiency and hygiene. The MTF series provides a high performance washing system that delivers hygienically...  

General Kitchen Hygiene - Cleanliness and Hygiene and care in the wash area

Cleanliness, hygiene and care.For the general kitchen. Winterhalter kitchen hygiene products ensure perfect cleanliness in your general kitchen area. Winterhalter provides a complete range of...  
Date: 29-06-18
URL: /chemicals/kitchen-hygiene/

Additional products - Fixed for special requirements

Extra Strength For Tough Jobs Winterhalter also provide additional chemicals to help with particulalry tough tasks or special cleaning processes. We can provide de-tanning products to remove...  
Date: 29-06-18
URL: /chemicals/additional-products/
Search results 1 until 10 of 79
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