Cutlery washing

Polish-free shining cutlery.

The UC series cutlery dishwashers and the compact AT Excellence-S reverse osmosis device are the perfect duo for sparkling, polish-free wash results. Your cutlery has a brilliant shine - time consuming and unhygienic polishing is a thing of the past. The cutlery is immediately ready to reuse after the wash cycle. You save time and money.

Cutlery dishwashers - brilliant cutlery without polishing.

The specially developed cutlery dishwashers in the UC series guarantee hygienic cleaning of the cutlery. Wash pressure and temperature are calibrated exactly to the requirements of cutlery washing. After the five minute wash cycle, you will find perfectly shining cutlery without additional polishing and also profit from significant time an cost savings.

Reverse osmosis AT Excellence-S for brilliant wash results.

Untreated water contains various additional contents. These materials can leave residue on the cutlery, which is visible as spots. The reverse osmosis device AT Excellence-S presses the untreated water through the membranes an approximately 98% of all residue materials are filtered out. There is no residue on the cutlery after washing, so subsequent polishing is superfluous.

Perfect wash results thanks to the comprehensive system.

All components contribute to perfect wash results in the Winterhalter system. Therefore, Winterhalter offers special cutlery racks as well as high performance detergents and rinse hygiene products in addition to the cutlery dishwashers and the compatible water treatment. In addition, we recommend using a cutlery plunge basin.

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